We work on Corporate Wellness, because because for us it is our true calling..

Our unique mix of competence and experience in the wellness and consulting fields has brought us to treat company welfare as a natural and efficacious expression of our knowhow..

A good working environment can improve customer experience by up to 47%, and increase productivity up to 27.8% (IlSole24Ore)

  • increase the dedication and productivity of the employees
  • reduce absenteeism due to illness or lack of loyalty
  • reduce the costs to the company for illness / absence from work for family reasons
  • increase the motivation and spirit of collaboration among employees
  • increase a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company
  • improve the company’s image
  • increase the company’s ability to old on to talented resources and attract new professionals


Starting with listening carefully and doing in-depth analyses of company needs, we build a tailored global Corporate Wellness plan, engaging them with ad hoc interventions with partners in the territory (clinics, sports centres, pharmacies, etc.)

Within every project of Corporate Wellness, our expertise in wellness, training, coaching, and project management is integrated; we also work on specific areas such as:

  • polices of personnel development through training, coaching, and team coaching
    (ex: Training for the company’s leadership in empowerment, training to optimize the dynamics of teamwork)
  • nei Services for Wellness
    (ex: Designing and decorating the common spaces in the company for relaxation and –in office massage)
  • Services for prevention and health (by finding out what kinds of services are appropriate for the program and getting selected partners involved)
  • Communication of the company’s Social Responsibility program (internal and external, to let the workers and working community know the efforts being made by the company in the territory and what initiatives have been instituted)
  • Communication of Wellness to stimulate internal communication and/or create an ideal working environment
    (ex: Team Building activities, incentives, Corporate Sparty, Corporate Mobile SPA, Wellness corners at meetings, conventions, company academy retreats)